ÉLÉVATIONE, a leading international Boutique experience brand, that was born from the idea that beauty goes beyond skin deep, and radiates even more than an aura. ÉLÉVATIONE believes beauty is a concept, a construct, and a method of expression. Beauty is art, art is beauty, and the ÉLÉVATIONE woman is a masterpiece.

Disregarding the rules of aging

Just as Salvador Dali never drew a straight line when he could create a curve, ÉLÉVATIONE refuses to play by the rules. Refuses to accept that anything that has been done can’t be undone, and that youth lost can’t be found. ÉLÉVATIONE is a luxury skin care brand that dares to wonder why aging gracefully has received so much acclaim. As Dali always knew, it’s better to be a rebel. Dali dedicated his life to redefining conventions and defying expectations. Because of that, he is more than an inspiration for ÉLÉVATIONE. His life’s works are a roadmap, his essence an infusion. In his honor, ÉLÉVATIONE will stop time, send the clock’s hands ticking backwards. ÉLÉVATIONE will allow women worldwide to control their own destiny.

Adhering to the rules of creation

While some art may be instantaneous, a work of true greatness requires dedication. To reconfigure the way the world was viewed, Dali had to commit himself to his creations, mind, body and soul. With that same spirit, ÉLÉVATIONE commits itself to perfecting the naturally-infused formulas that preserve, restore and repair youth, and enable women to experience time on their own terms. The ÉLÉVATIONE experience is available to women all over the world, in major locations ranging from London to Hong Kong.